Labor welcomes the adoption of the Global Action Plan on the Public Health Response to Dementia 2017-2025 overnight at the Seventieth World Health Assembly in Geneva.

The Action Plan was unanimously accepted by the World Health Organisation as a pathway to improve the lives of people with dementia, their families and the people who care for them.

It includes clear action areas with measurable targets and calls on member states to allocate the necessary financial and human resources to implement evidence-based dementia strategies.

The adoption of the Action Plan highlights the need for a fully-funded national dementia strategy in Australia.

The Action Plan should serve as a wakeup call for the Turnbull Liberal Government that it must do more to recognise dementia as a national health priority.

Disappointingly there was no new investment for dementia in the 2017-18 Federal Budget.

Dementia is now the second leading cause of death in Australia and will soon be a leading cause of disability.

During the 2016 election, Labor committed to develop a national dementia strategy – it’s time for Malcolm Turnbull to catch up with Labor and the rest of the world.