On World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) Labor reaffirms our commitment to the rights of older people to live with dignity, free from all forms of abuse.

The World Health Organisation has reported prevalence rates of elder abuse of up to 10 per cent of older people.

Devastatingly, elder abuse appears to continue to be primarily perpetrated by family members.

In marking WEAAD, Labor welcomes yesterday’s release of the Australian Law Reform Commission Report on Elder Abuse.

We particularly acknowledge the Report’s focus on financial exploitation, which is the theme of the 2017 WEAAD and continues to be the most common form of abuse experienced by elderly people.

Labor Leader, Bill Shorten wrote to Prime Minister Turnbull in February seeking his assurance that the Government will respond to the recommendations of this report as a matter of priority.

Labor again calls on the Turnbull Government to take this report seriously, and act quickly in the interests of all older Australians.

In the context of an ageing population in Australia, a failure to tackle elder abuse will have a devastating impact on the future of our country.

The mistreatment of older Australians is simply not acceptable and Labor stands ready to work with governments at all levels to stamp out elder abuse.