Malcolm Turnbull has stepped up Tony Abbott’s attack on older Australians, ripping further one billion dollars from aged care funding in today’s MYEFO.

This brings the total cuts to aged care under the Abbott/Turnbull Government to over $1.8 billion.

Disgracefully, today’s cuts includes slashing $472.4 million from aged care support paid to aged care providers for complex care needs, including those with dementia.

In addition the Turnbull Liberal Government has decimated health and aged care workforce development by slashing $595.1 million, with no additional resources or initiatives to address the critical shortage of suitable aged care workers in the face of increasing demand for aged care services.

These are cuts even Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey would not go near.

This follows a $40.2 million cut to the Aged Care Workforce Development Fund in the 2015 budget earlier this year.

The savage cuts are short-sighted, given the Abbott/Turnbull Government has allowed aged care to languish through a lack of leadership for over two years.

It is clear the Turnbull Liberal Government deliberately delayed releasing its stocktake of workforce development initiatives to coincide with MYEFO. However, it demonstrates that the stocktake was more about cost-cutting than developing a cohesive strategy to address the workforce crisis.

In the meantime, the population will continue to age while Malcolm Turnbull fiddles, choosing to see the age of the population as a burden rather than taking action now to maximise the opportunities.

Older Australians clearly have no role to play in Malcolm Turnbull’s vision for Australia.