In Senate Question Time today Senator Brandis refused to confirm what exactly the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s 15 per cent GST will pay for.

“I think Malcolm Turnbull owes the Australian public an explanation and to be up front about the fact he wants to jack up the GST to 15 per cent,” Senator Polley said.
Reseach shared by TasCOSS has highlighted that that Tasmania will feel the effects of the GST increase the hardest.
“The true meaning of this increase will be deeply felt in my home state of Tasmania where we have a higher proportion of low to moderate income earners and one of the highest unemployment rates in Australia,” said Senator Polley.
“Broadening the GST to things like fresh food, health, water and education highlights just how out of touch this Government is with Tasmanian families’ ability to meet the cost of living.”
The Abbott/Turnbull has also refused to rule out a GST on aged care services which would make essential care and services unaffordable for many seniors.
The salesman may have changed, but Malcom Turnbull is set to continue Tony Abbott’s cruel attacks on hard working families and older Australians.
“There is nothing fair about extending the GST and I call on the Prime Minister to do the right thing.”