Malcolm Turnbull should be ashamed that his Liberal Government is taking the axe to aged care funding while going soft on making multinational companies pay their fair share of tax.

This week’s Budget update has confirmed, that no matter who their leader is, the Liberals only ever see aged care as a source of Budget cuts.

The latest round of nasty cuts brings the total amount cut from aged care funding under the Abbott/Turnbull Government to over $1.8 billion.

This includes this week’s cuts of $472.4 million from aged care support paid to aged care providers for complex care needs, including those with dementia, and an additional $595 million cut from health and aged care workforce programs.

New cuts to aged care workforce programs came just days after the Government released its much-delayed stocktake of workforce development initiatives.

It took the Government a whopping 547 days to deliver the stocktake which unsurprisingly reinforced the Government’s chaotic and careless approach to aged care workforce development.

After two years of neglect and mismanagement, the Government has finally admitted they need to do more.

That’s great. But the aged care workforce crisis isn’t going away and the Government cannot afford to rest on its self-proclaimed laurels.

The stocktake of workforce development initiatives was designed to inform an aged care workforce development strategy. The Government must actually do more, show some leadership and produce a coherent strategy to address the aged care workforce crisis.

Malcolm Turnbull’s meticulous plan to delay releasing the stocktake to coincide with MYEFO only served to show that it was more about cost-cutting than developing a comprehensive strategy to address the aged care workforce crisis.

Malcolm Turnbull promised new leadership but has continued Tony Abbott’s record of hacking away at aged care workforce funding.

Older Australians, their carers and the sector will suffer if the Government continues to ignore aged care workforce issues.