Today I pay tribute to the political career of The Honourable David Llewellyn, my long serving colleague, who has announced his retirement.

Mr Llewellyn was first elected in 1989 and has served 28 years in the Tasmanian Parliament and 14 years as a Minister, during which, he held numerous portfolio responsibilities.

Mr Llewellyn is someone I have always admired and respected. He was an exceptionally good Minister for Health and has always operated with the highest level of standards, integrity and honesty.

During his distinguished career Mr Llewellyn also held portfolio responsibility for Fisheries, Forests, Primary Industries, Water and Environment, Police and Emergency Management, Attorney General and Justice and Deputy Premier.

These sectors would not hesitate to attest to Mr Llewellyn’s commitment to their interests and the interests of all Tasmanians.

Mr Llewellyn lost his seat in 2010 but returned again in 2014, proving that age is no barrier and that people can continue to contribute at the highest level in public life regardless of their age.

Mr Llewellyn has always been a staunch advocate for those in the community and has helped countless Tasmanians finding practical solutions to complex problems.

He is an esteemed role model and opened up pathways for many of us, and his retirement will be a huge loss to the Labor Party and the Tasmanian Parliament.

Mr Llewellyn leaves a legacy as a compassionate, honest and trustworthy politician who epitomises the Labor values of fairness and equality.

No one can match the breadth and depth of Mr Llewellyn’s experience or knowledge.

It has been an honour working beside Mr Llewellyn and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours. I am sure Mr Llewellyn will continue to give his time to his local community because he still has so much to contribute.

I would also like to pay tribute to Julie Llewellyn for her commitment to Tasmania. She has provided David with unwavering support which has enabled him to contribute so much of his time and energy to democracy in Tasmania.