New figures this week show that Tasmania’s healthcare system will be $2.7 billion worse off over the next decade.

Senator Polley says that under the Turnbull Government Tasmania will be hit harder than any other states or territories.

“Malcolm is keeping Tony Abbott’s $57 billion in hospital cuts and adding another $2.1 billion of his own cuts on top,” Senator Polley said.

“The impact of the Liberal Government’s continued cuts to health have put enormous pressure our public hospitals- they’re struggling to cope and the situation is getting worse.

“This is an election year and the three amigos – Andrew Nikolic, Brett Whiteley and Eric Hutchinson have done nothing to protect our hospitals and stand up for those in our community who will be affected the most.”

“Once again the three amigos are failing the Tasmanian community and are not delivering. It’s no wonder we have the worst emergency department waiting times in Australia,” Senator Polley added.

“You simply cannot rip $57 billion out of healthcare system and expect there not to be any consequences.”

“I really want to see how the three amigos justify these cuts, because cuts like this lead to poorer health outcomes and poorer patient care and services. It’s not enough to say that these cuts are not affecting the front line. Not when you have people lying in corridors for hours waiting to see a doctor. You can’t tell me that this is ok in a first world country,” Senator Polley said.