The Shadow Minister for the Digital Economy, Ed Husic was in Hobart today with Senator Helen Polley to speak to the IT sector about how Turnbull Government cuts to TAFE impact on local jobs.

Coalition Governments have cut over $2.5 billion from skills and training and Australia has lost 130,000 apprenticeships.


Funding for TAFE, apprentices and skills will be cut by over $500 million a year from 30 June 2017 if the Turnbull Government does not extend the National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform in the May budget.


"Up to $11 million per year will be cut from the Tasmanian TAFE sector, which will stop Tasmanians getting the skills that lead to high demand jobs and exacerbates the state's lower levels of higher education,” Mr Husic said.


"The tech sector is crying out for people with skills, yet the Turnbull Government has done little to help address crippling skills shortages.


“These cuts undermine our ability to address skills shortages and to prepare people for the jobs of the future. It is also a direct attack on the IT sector which often seeks out TAFE graduates when looking to employ people in their businesses.”


Mr Husic and Senator Polley visited Live Tiles – an IT company which specialises in problem solving IT applications.


Live Tiles understands the importance of education and collaboration, which is why it works closely with Tasmania TAFE to create opportunities for young people interested in the technology space.


“Live Tiles is looking to employ TAFE graduates due to their unique skill mix and creative thinking capabilities,” Senator Polley said.


A Labor Government will work with the states to revitalise TAFEs as high-quality job centres for our cities, regions and suburbs. Labor doesn’t believe in training for training’s sake – it has to lead to a job.


“We should be doing everything we can to create a culture of education and learning and encourage a greater uptake of take up of education post year 10 and year 11 and 12,” Senator Polley said.


One of the driving forces behind investing in education is to prepare people for the jobs of the future. Cutting TAFE is inconsistent with this plan.


Live Tiles is looking to grow and expand but it needs a workforce to be able to do that. If we continue to rip money from educational institutions the jobs of the future will just be a pipe dream.