The contrast between Labor and the Liberals was highlighted in neon lights in Tasmania over the weekend.

For the last three years Tasmania’s Federal Liberal MPs have let Tasmania be left off the map, failed to stick up for Tasmanian families which has brought them undone.

Tasmania has one of the oldest populations in Australia and the Liberals have demonstrated absolutely no leadership, no plan and no funding to ensure older Tasmanians have appropriate, quality care and support.

The only things Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals have offered to older Tasmanians are:

• Over $3 billion in cuts to aged care and dementia services.

• The Medicare rebate freeze which will see you pay up to $20 extra to visit the doctor.

• Cuts to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme which will see the cost of prescription medicines go up by about $5.

• $1.3 billion cut from pensioner concessions which helps pensioners cover the cost of essential services like electricity, gas and water. 

• Cut the pension to around 330,000 pensioners through changes to the pension asset test.

Older Tasmanians and pensioners won’t be taken for granted anymore. They have rejected the Turnbull Government and said goodbye to the three amigos.

We may not know the outcome of the election until later in the week, but what we do know is that the Labor Party is back, re-energised, unified and more determined than ever to fight for all Tasmanians.

Labor has run a fantastic and strong campaign over the last eight weeks, putting forward our positive plans for the people of Australia.

Labor was victorious in Tasmania because we outlined a strong plan for jobs, education and health.

The excuses from Tasmanian Liberal’s as to why they lost all Tasmanian Federal seats reinforces the Liberal Party’s mentality and just how out of touch and arrogant they really are. 

Tasmania’s Federal Liberal MPs talked big on a raft of projects and election wish-lists and failed to deliver any of it. They presented the Tasmanian people with the wrong priorities and consequentially landed on the result we saw on the weekend. 

Labor will hold Eric Abetz and the Liberal Senate team to account and will expect them to deliver on all their election commitments to the Tasmanian community.