Tasmanians have learnt today that uncertainty continues regarding an underwater data cable between Singapore and Tasmania as negotiations between a state government agent and SubPartners have broken down.  

Senator Helen Polley is calling for further information from the Liberal State Government as to why the negotiations have been allowed to cease.

“This is a clear demonstration of how inept this state government is and how the Minister has taken his finger off the pulse,” Senator Polley said.

“The Hodgman Government needs to explain to Tasmanians why this opportunity is again being taken for granted. The fact that the Liberal State Government negotiations have broken down is a real shame,” Senator Polley said.

“Tasmania has an opportunity here to invest in the intercontinental data pipe or potentially a spur, which would attract national and international investment,” Senator Polley said.

Tasmania must become a digital economy hub, building on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and maths) sectors to promote Tasmania to the world.

“This data cable or spur would allow for a large scale data centre which is so attractive to the IT sector,” Senator Polley said.  

“Labor understands that we must make important public investments to secure future opportunity and prosperity. You can’t grow an entire economy for the benefit of all Tasmanian’s without making core investments in digital infrastructure,” Ms Ogilvie said.

This data cable or spur will allow for high quality, reliable and ultra-fast data assisting small business and industry to grow faster.

The IT industry is calling on government to support this project because they understand the potential it has to assist in the development of their businesses and to connect Tasmania to the world in an unprecedented way.  This Hodgman Government needs to fight for the interests of this sector and all Tasmanians so we can become a digital economy hub.

“If Tasmania were to secure this investment it would see Tasmania become a digital economy hub. The Hodgman Liberal Government must explain to Tasmanian’s why the negotiations have broken down and whether the government is seeking to recommence the negotiations with SubPartners,” Senator Polley said.