Submission: Voluntary Assisted Dying, A Tasmanian Proposal

Voluntary assisted dying legislation is a fundamental issue of public policy and as a citizen and Senator of Tasmania I welcome the opportunity to address the State Government on this issue and to contribute to the public debate.

My objection to voluntary euthanasia is well documented and I remain steadfast in my belief that voluntary euthanasia at a Federal or State level is not the correct legislative action to take by government to care for the most vulnerable people in society. This submission outlines my moral and public policy objections to legislating for voluntary euthanasia.

I am of the view that any legislation which would legalise the assisted death of a human life should fail because of a moral and legal belief that the State should not legislate in public policy for the termination of human life, but rather should invest further in palliative care services to care for the elderly and terminally ill in society. Furthermore, from a policy perspective such proposed legislation will never be able to guarantee that a human life will not be prematurely ended due to abuse or flaws within such a legislative framework or the social and medical ramifications of such laws. This reason alone should ensure that no such legislation should ever exist in this state or any other state or territory around Australia. 

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