Still no aged care workforce strategy

Joint media release with the Hon. Shayne Neumann, Shadow Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Shadow Minister for Ageing, Member for Blair.

The aged care sector is still waiting for a workforce strategy from the Abbott Government. 

Twelve months ago today, the Assistant Minister for Social Services promised to undertake an “audit” of the funds available for aged care workforce development and develop a “coherent” workforce strategy.

We are still waiting to find out what this audit revealed, let alone see an aged care workforce strategy – coherent or otherwise.

The only thing this Government has actually delivered is a nasty $40 million cut to the Aged Care Workforce Development Fund. It is still not clear what programs will be axed as a result of this cut.

In the meantime, the aged care sector is struggling to recruit enough workers to meet the needs of a rapidly ageing population.

Older Australians will suffer if the Abbott Government continues to ignore the growing workforce crisis in aged care.