Statement - Our Turn to Care National Day of Action - Tasmania

A big congratulations to the Health and Community Services Union and all involved on the Our Turn to Care Campaign and today’s National Day of Action.

The Turnbull Government has ripped over $4 billion from the sector and broken every single promise it made to older Australians.

There has never been more important time to be out in the community speaking to people about the impact the Turnbull Government’s cuts are having on the sector and the enormous pressure this puts on the crucial work that you do.

Thank you for your dedication and passion for the work you do every day to ensure older Tasmanians get the care they deserve. Please keep up the fight and continue to put pressure on the Liberals.

Labor has always been a friend of older Australians and to those who dedicatedly and selflessly provide care for them.

Older Tasmanian’s have worked hard and contributed to our community for decades and deserve dignity, respect, security and the best quality care in their older years.

I’ve been working long and hard over the past 5 years to ensure we have an aged care system that is equipped and supported to tackle the needs of our ageing population.

But the Turnbull Government’s disinterest and disregard in this area is jeopardising the sector – to the detriment of vulnerable older Australians.

Any reduction in the quality of care being delivered to older Tasmanians is unacceptable.

The silence from the Tasmanian Liberal Senators on this has been deafening. They beat their chest in Canberra saying that they will fight for their state but these are empty words. 

Time and time again the Tasmanian Liberal Senators have failed to put their state ahead of their mates, be it on schools, hospitals, Medicare, the GST and now aged care.

I urge the Turnbull Government in the upcoming Budget to deliver genuine new investment in aged care to ensure older Tasmanians are receiving high quality care.