Today unions, school representatives and parents will use the first Senate Inquiry Hearing into the Turnbull Government’s schools plan, to highlight the impact that the Turnbull Government’s cuts to school funding will have on students, teachers and parents.

The Turnbull Government has banned state and territory governments from appearing or attending the Senate’s Education Committee’s Senate Inquiry into Malcolm Turnbull’s new policy that cuts $22 billion from schools.

State and territory Governments run around 70 per cent of our nation’s schools- how can you have an inquiry into schools funding without speaking to the people who actually run them?

It would be beneficial for the committee to hear from the Tasmanian Liberal Government who have set themselves aside from other State and Territory Governments by actually welcoming the $85 million cut to our schools (including $65 million from our public schools).

People need to know the Liberal State Government and the Education Minister Jeremy Rockliff has failed to fight for Tasmania’s fair share of education funding. In fact, their submission into the inquiry states that they are “supportive of the Gonski 2.0 model outlined by the Australian Government”.

Rubbing salt in the cuts, yesterday we learnt during Senate Estimates that the Liberals “Gonski 2.0” is not actually what David Gonski recommended in his review in 2011.

What we have is an incompetent education Minister who has come out in support of Tasmanian schools receiving the second lowest funding rate of any State in Australia. This is something people need to know.

Education Minister, Jeremy Rockliff has sold out every child and every teacher in every classroom across Tasmania because he wasn’t strong enough to fight for fair funding.

How can we expect him to fight for Tasmania when he can’t even control his own department which has been sending out debt notices to parents who have not been able to pay school fees.

Tasmania can’t afford to be left behind because of Malcolm Turnbull’s relentless pursuit to disadvantage Tasmanian students.