The State Liberal Government has still not taken action to improve the roads in the Central Highlands, after major concerns were raised recently by the community. 

The new sealing of the Highland Lake Highway, between Miena and Liawenee, is breaking up with large areas of new bitumen now reaching the size of a family car.

“There are numerous potholes and wheel tracks breaking through the new sealing. People are contacting my office about the disgraceful condition of the new road completed less than 7 months ago,” Senator Polley said.

Due to the State Liberal Government’s incompetence, many Tasmanian families and visitors to our State will be travelling on this unsafe road as we approach the Christmas holiday period.

“It is important that members of our community are able to travel safely on our roads, but currently, in the Central Highland this is impossible. They cannot drive safely due to the poor quality of work being managed by the State Government,” Senator Polley said.

Tax payers deserve quality road improvements and not substandard and wasteful efforts. This is the responsibility of the State Government, the Minister for Roads Rene Hiding and the Department of State Growth to ensure integrity of our road network.

Senator Polley has personally written to the Minister for Infrastructure Rene Hidding about the condition of the new sealing project on the Highland Lakes Highway in an effort to prevent a tragedy as we approach the Christmas and New Year period.

In particular, Senator Polley has written to the Minister and requested:

  • What quality control processes are in place for our State’s road improvement works?
  • Why has this road sealing started to break up?
  • What is the Department doing about rectifying this significant issue on the Highland Lakes Highway?
  • What is being done to manage a contractor that has failed to deliver a sustainable roadway improvement?
  • Furthermore what are the timeframes for the rebuilding of this severely deteriorating section of Highway?

Senator Polley has also asked Minister Hidding for advice, requesting if the Contractor that completed this section of failed sealing is undertaking any further road sealing on the Highland Lakes Highway this summer or any other roads in Tasmania?  And if so, how can this contractor be engaged again given the recent sub-standard works already undertaken. 

 “The fact that the Government is not taking these infrastructure improvements seriously in the Central Highlands is of a major concern to me and Tasmania road users,” Senator Polley said.

“The improvement of our roads is a life and death issue. This Hodgman Government must start to focus on the quality of our State roadway improvements, do it once and do it properly,” Senator Polley said.