Labor’s $25 million dementia announcement

E&OE TRANSCRIPTDOORSTOP LAUNCESTONFRIDAY, 17 JUNE 2016SUBJECT/S: Labor’s $25 million dementia announcement, Labor’s positive plans to improve the lives of those living with dementia, irrigation investment Continue reading


I want to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land upon which we meet and pay my respects to their elders past and present.Thank you very much for the invitation to speak with you today. Continue reading

Adjournment Speech - Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 2016

I rise today in support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. This February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and we are all encouraged recognise the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, to know their family history and to know how to get help. Continue reading

Adjournment Speech- Turnbull-Liberal Government’s shameful approach to ageing and aged care

I rise to speak on the Liberal Government's continued lack of vision when it comes to aged care and issues of ageing in this country. It would seem that the Government is out of ideas. It does not know what it wants or which way to go. Continue reading

Radio Interview - Senate Inquiry into the future of Australia’s aged care sector workforce


Adjournment - education funding - youngtown primary school

Tonight I attended the Australian Primary Principals Association launch of the Charter on Primary Schooling, which is a great lead-in to what I to relay here in the Senate about my visit to Youngtown Primary School last week with Amanda Rishworth, the Shadow Assistant Minister for Education, and our fabulous Bass candidate for the Labor Party, Ross Hart. Continue reading


PARLIAMENT HOUSE, CANBERRA *** CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY *** I rise to speak on the Social Servics Legislation Amendment (No.2) Bill 2015. I want to focus my comments on the bill's two amendments to aged care. They appear to be innocuous enough—but only if taken in isolation. Continue reading

Senators Statement - no real plan for dementia

I rise today to speak once again about the Abbott Government’s blatant disregard for older Australians and the fact that there is no apparent plan to deal with Dementia, which is now the second leading cause of death in Australia. Continue reading

Higher Education

I would like to speak on this matter of public importance. I think it is so interesting to hear those on the opposite side trying to deflect the debate away from the real issue, and that is the attack on education, and higher education particularly, in this country by this government. We have seen this government's relentless and constant moves to deregulate Australian universities, to increase student fees and in turn to create an endless cycle of debt and inequity for the children of this country. The Prime Minister's election commitment was that there would be no cuts to education, but we now know that this statement could not be further from the truth. This government has been built on lies and untruths. Continue reading