Ovarian Cancer Awareness Week

I rise this evening to speak about ovarian cancer, as I do each February for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Continue reading

TV Interview - WIN Television - Turnbull Visit to Tas

SUBJECTS: Malcolm Turnbull’s visit to Tasmania and his failure to put funding on the table or answer key questions about GST/university funding.   Continue reading

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre

Adjournment Speech - Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness and Research Centre.   Continue reading

Radio interview ABC Turnbull Government's lack of committment to aged care

SUBJECTS: Aged Care and Turnbull Government’s lack of commitment to Aged Care Continue reading

Radio Interview - ABC - Leon Compton

SUBJECTS: COAG, GST distribution, Tasmanian Liberals failure to stand up for education funding, Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to schools. Continue reading

TV Interview - Southern Cross News - GST Distribution

SUBJECTS: GST Distribution, Cuts to schools and hospitals, Budget and Turnbull Government’s incompetence.     Continue reading

TASMANIA TALKS - DRIVE - Senate Inquiry into the Turnbull Government’s bungled robo-debt system

BRIAN CARLTON: When you get somebody like Eric Abetz, who I think it would be fair to say is not exactly on the far left of politics – when he acknowledges that his party and his Government has been running the Centrelink ATO data match issue there is clearly a problem. And that’s not the only basis I use for making that assessment. I’ve had all sorts of people contact the show with all sorts of issues at least once a day. The Senate is having a look at all of this and other issues. What I wanted to have a chat with Senator Helen Polley about is just how many of us are caught up in this and what the Senate is finding out thus far. Senator welcome to Tasmania Talks, how are you? Continue reading

Radio Interview - ABC - Hyrdo Tasmania, Energy Crisis, Tasmanian Economy

JOURNALIST: We’ve got Senator Helen Polley on the line who is a Labor Senator for Tasmania. Senator Polley thanks very much for calling in. We’ve already had a release from the Greens welcoming this announcement today. What’s the line from the Labor Party? Continue reading

Families Child Care Package Bill 2016

I rise to speak on the Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Jobs for Families Child Care Package) Bill 2016. Before the 2013 election, the Liberals promised more affordable and accessible child care, but this government has been an absolute failure. Continue reading

Ovarian Cancer Speech 2017

I rise to speak about ovarian cancer, something that I am extremely passionate about. Unfortunately, this year 1,550 Australian women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer and, of these, 1,200 will be tragically taken from us. In daily numbers, four women will be diagnosed and three women will die from ovarian cancer. Continue reading