As we get into the festive spirit, Senator Polley is urging communities to keep those living with dementia, their carers and families in mind this Christmas. 


For many of us Christmas represents joy, happiness and time with family and loved ones, but for others it can be a very sad and lonely time. 

The Dementia and Loneliness report released on 1 September found that people living with dementia, their carers and families were significantly lonelier than the general public. 

This year Dementia Awareness Month was used to call for greater awareness and understanding of dementia by the general public so that people living with dementia feel less isolated and alone. 

All too often we are told by older Australians that they feel like a burden, and all too often the diagnosis of dementia results in the falling away of friendships and family relationships. 

We, as a community, need to improve our understanding of dementia and change our perception of ageing and dementia. 

While we work towards that goal, if you know an elderly person or someone living with dementia or a carer who might be alone this Christmas, please keep them in mind and even better – invite them to join in the Christmas cheer!