Scott Morrison’s massive cuts to aged care have been understated, as independent analysis shows his calculations are short at least $350 million.

Analysis by Ansell Strategic shows the impact of the Budget cut to residential aged-care subsidies actually represents a further cut of $350 million on top of the massive $1.65 billion wiped from residential aged care in both the 2015 MYEFO and 2016 Budget forecasts.*

Either Scott Morrison is not up to the job of calculating the real figures or he has misled the Australian public. Either way it is clear the Turnbull Government cannot be trusted with aged care.

Labor joins with residential aged care providers, residents and their loved ones in calling for Sussan Ley to release the Department of Health’s modelling upon which the cuts were derived.

If their figures are correct she has nothing to hide. Otherwise, Ms Ley needs to come clean about the impact of these cuts.

Labor knows you cannot wipe more than $2 billion from the provision of complex health care for residents, including management of chronic pain and medications, without seeing massive job losses – particularly for care workers, nurses and allied health professionals.

We know that suitably skilled, qualified and motivated workers are essential to providing quality aged care services – and we believe that older Australians deserve the best care.

The Abbott-Turnbull Government has once again taken an axe to funding, effectively punishing all aged-care providers as they do.

Only Labor will work with aged care providers, workers, unions, experts, as well as older Australians and their loved ones, to address the issues the Liberals have created.

We will make aged care jobs a priority, even if Sussan Ley won’t.

Labor clearly has positive plans to secure jobs for aged care workers today and into the future. The only jobs Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberals are interested in are their own.

* The aged care sector has indicated the Ansell reports presents a conservative outlook, with other reports by aged care providers and independent analysts indicating the figure may be much higher.