It is very exciting and an honour, to have been given the opportunity to serve as the Shadow Assistant Minister to the Leader (Tasmania).

As a proud Tasmanian, I feel extremely privileged to be provided this opportunity to work directly with the Leader of the Opposition to deliver in the interests of all Tasmanians. 
This new role renews and re-energises Labor’s commitment to Tasmania.
Labor’s Shadow Ministry a stark contrast to Tasmania’s representation in the Turnbull Government’s Ministry. Labor’s commitment to Tasmania’s interests is indisputable and it is truly disappointing that Malcolm Turnbull has no one from Tasmania in his Ministry.
I am thrilled to be continuing my important work to address the key issues facing the aged care sector and older Australians including the alarming growth in dementia and the critical workforce shortage.
I acknowledge the hard work of my colleague and friend, Shayne Neumann over the past three years and look forward to working with my Tasmanian colleague Julie Collins in this portfolio – we will be a formidable team in fighting for strong policy outcomes.
The fact that Malcolm Turnbull’s Ministry is bereft of Tasmanian representation is a slap in the face to Tasmania. This Prime Minister might be a city slicker, but he cannot just abandon Tasmanians.
The Tasmanian Federal Labor team will be holding Mr Turnbull to account for all of his commitments he has made to Tasmania during the 2016 election campaign.

I will continue to work to ensure the people of Tasmania are well represented and to ensure that older Australians receive the care and support they deserve.