Sensis e-Business Report 2015

A report released today highlights a growing need for businesses to be digitally and technologically literate in order to thrive in a digital economy.

According to the Sensis e-Business Report 2015 49 percent of Tasmania’s small and medium-sized businesses are concerned about their lack of computer skills.

The digital age is here and will change the nature of our economy, jobs and businesses as we know them, but the opportunities it presents are only limited by our imagination.

Senator Polley says that we risk being left behind if we don’t take the digital age seriously.

“People of all ages must embrace technology in order to expand our markets, to capitalise on opportunities and to remain competitive,” Senator Polley said.

“A Labor government will not allow Australia to fall behind the rest of the world and has already begun putting forward policies which will enable us to leverage the challenges of the digital age to build up a highly-skilled and capable workforce.”

“The findings of the 2015 Sensis e-Business Report support Labor’s vision to invest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills to ensure our children thrive in the digital age.” Senator Polley added.

Only Labor has a plan to develop the businesses and jobs of the future:

  • Coding in Schools – ensuring our kids have the opportunity to learn the language of computers from an early age;

  • Teaching STEM – training and upskilling our teachers to be capable and confident teaching STEM subjects;

  • STEM Future Workforce – giving 100,000 young Australians the opportunity to graduate from STEM degrees without a HECS debt, with a focus on incentivising students from under-represented groups to get STEM qualifications; and

  • Smart Investment Fund – supporting great Australian ideas to become new businesses with access to early stage venture capital funding.