One year of broken promises in aged care

The Abbott Government has broken its promises to older Australians in aged care and those who care for them.
Twelve months ago the Coalition Government’s so-called policy for Healthy Life Better Ageing promised to provide an aged care system that treats all Australians with the dignity and respect they deserve in their senior years, while supporting aged care providers:
If elected, the Coalition will prioritise future reform with the sector by negotiating a Healthy Life, Better Ageing Agreement … It will be the first time that the sector has been assured of both flexibility and certainty.
Page 2, Coalition Policy for Healthy Life Better Ageing
However, the Abbott Government has shown nothing but contempt for older Australians and the aged care system over the past year.
Not only has Tony Abbott done nothing to implement his so-called Agreement with the sector, he is trying to cut pensions and he has slashed vital funding with no consultation with the sector, no warning and no solutions at all.
In its first year the Abbott Government has delivered nothing but uncertainty and pain for the aged care sector, abolishing the $1.1 billion Aged care Workforce Supplement, slashing the $652.7 million Aged care payroll Tax Supplement, cutting the Age Pension and therefore aged care income revenue, all with no consultation with the sector.
In June 2014 the Abbott Government twisted the knife even further by axing the Dementia and Severe Behaviours Supplement (DSBS) with no warning to those who were impacted, some of the most vulnerable people in our community.
Instead of giving them the support they deserve, the Abbott Government has used dementia as a political play thing and refused to take responsibility.
The previous Labor Government did the heavy lifting in aged care, implementing the historic Living Longer Living Better reforms, with extensive sector and community consultation and bipartisan support.
Tony Abbott has completely dropped the ball when it comes to aged care, ripping billions of dollars out of the system at a time when we should be investing to make sure it is strong and sustainable for the future.
The aged care system cannot afford another twelve months of Tony Abbott’s lies.





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