Today marks one month until 700,000 of Australia’s lowest paid workers who work in hospitality, retail and pharmacy will have their penalty rates cut

Figures show that Tasmania will be hit hard by the Turnbull Government’s refusal to stop the Fair Work Commission’s cut to penalty rates. 

More than 40,000 people in Tasmania will lose up to $77 a week, or $6,000 per year because of Malcolm Turnbull’s cut to penalty rates.

This is bad for our economy – wages growth is at record lows and there is less money circulating to spend in local shops and other small businesses that already doing it tough. 

It’s also bad for Tasmanian’s - unemployment is at record highs, we have the highest rate of chronic illnesses and nearly 40% of Tasmanians receive some form of Commonwealth benefit. There could not be a worse time to cut take home pay.

Everywhere you look, Tasmanians are under attack, whether its cuts to schools funding, hospitals or a penalty rate cut. Tasmanians cannot afford to have a cut in their take-home pay

Inequity is already running rife in Tasmania and Malcolm Turnbull’s cut to penalty rates only narrows the fine line between wealth and poverty.

These are the Liberal’s cuts: Malcolm Turnbull supports them, and he could stop them if he wanted.

If the Prime Minister or the Tasmanian Liberal Senate team truly cared about working people they would support Labor’s Bill in the Parliament, which will stop the cut to penalty rates and protect the take-home pay that so many people rely on to get by.   

There is only one instrument in the Parliament right now which will protect penalty rates, and that’s Labor’s legislation.

There are still two weeks of sitting before the cut to penalty rates kick in on 1 July and I call on the Liberals and the crossbenchers to do the right thing and repeat what we saw in the Senate and vote for Labor’s Protecting Take-Home Pay Bill.