An inquest into the death of baby Lily Grace who was discovered at Maroubra Beach in 2014 has called for the introduction of baby safe havens and laws in NSW.

Senator Helen Polley is calling on the NSW Government to implement the recommendations made yesterday by NSW Coroner Hugh Dillon.

“I hope that the tragic death and abandonment of Lily Grace is the catalyst for an incredibly important social justice change,” Senator Polley said.

“Infant and baby abandonment is currently viewed as an illegal act in Australia, but if we had baby safe havens and the mother had the option to safely abandon her baby, perhaps a life may have been saved.”

“The stigma surrounding unwanted babies needs to stop - we need to show support for parents who are unable to care for their baby rather than criticise and shame them,” Senator Polley added.

The abandonment of babies is a complex issue and baby safe havens provide a safe and productive alternative for desperate mothers and parents who cannot care for a newborn baby.

“We know this is a public policy issue which can be solved. Other countries utilise baby safe havens and we certainly have the capacity to do so here in Australia. It is time our political leaders stood up and had the courage to implement them now.”