Today, Senator Helen Polley urged the Federal and State Liberal Government’s to start talking about a plan for a Northern Hospice instead of remaining silent.

9If this project is to become a reality Government at a state and federal level must support it, they must work cooperatively and judiciously to make it happen. The fact that they have been so silent on the issue is concerning,” Senator Polley said.
The Northern Hospice plan includes a 10 bed facility to be located within the Launceston General Hospital precinct.   
Government at all levels should support more care for Tasmanians who are at the end of life stage, and this hospice would do just that. There is clearly a gap in care when it comes to end-of-life care and this would fill that space.
The current consultation process is inadequate, with only an online and phone survey available to the public to voice their views regarding the project.
Government must have conviction when it comes to public policy, simply surveying the public about whether they believe a hospice is viable is not the way to prosecute a project.  
Federal members including Eric Hutchinson and Andrew Nikolic must be vocal when it comes to community issues of any kind and when there is silence the community notices.
“It is well known that Launceston requires this 10 bed facility and the fact that the Federal Members have been so silent on this plan is of concern. Furthermore, at a state level Michael Ferguson was a strong advocate in Opposition unfortunately now as the Minister responsible he could be far more proactive and supportive rather than be a captive of the Health Department,” Senator Polley said.