No real plan for the digital economy

Senator Helen Polley today reiterated her call for the Abbott Government to initiate a nationwide rollout of Fibre To the Premises (FTTP) NBN technology to ensure all Tasmanians can benefit from the technology.

The call comes after NBN contractor Visionstream sacked 60 workers yesterday.

“I am calling on the State Liberal Government to work with their Federal counterparts to ensure the NBN has the best chance for success in Tasmania,” Senator Polley said.

These job losses will have a devastating impact in the community, and will only fuel greater uncertainty around the NBN.”

FTTP NBN is vital moving forward because it could be a real game changer for Tasmania in terms of driving opportunity and economic growth.

“Only FTTP NBN will allow us to compete in the digital age. Currently, we are being left behind and we can’t afford to be,” Senator Polley said.

The NBN represents another broken promise to the people of Tasmania, and the Abbott Government is running out of excuses.

“Just putting a crazy idea out there. Why doesn’t the Hodgman and Abbott Government’s ensure Visionstream keeps these 60 workers employed and provides more households and businesses with Fibre to the Premises NBN, so the entire State can benefit from world class NBN.”

Tasmania deserves better.