Nikolic needs to tell Tony to think again

Senator Polley today called on Federal Member for Bass Andrew Nikolic to ask Tony Abbott to think again before he closes the ATO in Launceston and terminates the jobs of 20 people. 

The Australian Tax Office will close 10 regional offices across Australia, including its Launceston office, according to the Australian Services Union.

“Mr Nikolic vowed to be a champion for jobs and a champion for the people of Bass. Mr Nikolic needs to talk to his leader and ask him not to destroy jobs in Bass,” Senator Polley said.

“When people lose their job it means uncertainty for families and less money circulating in the community. Mr Nikolic and Mr Abbott just do not understand this. They are out of touch and don’t understand the pressures on regional cities. They are not supporting jobs in Bass, they are destroying them,” Senator Polley said.

Before the election the Coalition committed to regional employment and now they are breaking another promise by attacking the ATO.

“Mr Abbott said that his government would be a ‘no excuses government that says what it means and does what it says’. This government has done the exact opposite since it entered office with a new broken promise every day”.

“This is a Coalition Government built on a web of deceit and twisted priorities,” Senator Polley said.