Reports of abuse are disturbing

Labor has called on the Abbott Government to act quickly to investigate claims of abuse, neglect and violence in a Bundaberg aged care centre.   The shocking reports on the front page of The Australian relating to Bundaberg aged care centre Kepnock Grove are deeply disturbing.   The allegations need to be investigated immediately by the Aged Care Complaints Scheme. Continue reading

Doorstop Interview - $100,000 degrees

DOORSTOP INTERVIEW SENATE DOORS, PARLIAMENT HOUSE THURSDAY, 12 FEBRUARY 2015   SUBJECT/S: $100,000 Degrees; children in immigration detention report. Senator Polley: In relation to higher education, Labor will do everything in its power to stop these changes. Labor does not support $100,000 degrees. From my experience as a Tasmanian Senator I know what the people of my home state are saying. I know what families are saying. They are currently trying to add up how much it is going to cost them to enable their children to go to university. In Tasmania, we have a poor rate of tertiary education. We should be putting more money into ensuring young people have the opportunity to go to university. Going to university should not be based on whether a family has a limit on their credit card. Continue reading

Abbott still hasn't learnt

The result in the Queensland election on Saturday demonstrates the crisis in confidence amongst Australians towards the Liberal National Party (LNP). With Queensland Labor winning 34 seats to take their representation to 43 in Parliament, the Liberal National Party sustained a massive loss of 33 seats - possibly going down as one of the greatest defeats in Australian Political History. Continue reading

Abbott needs to do more for older Australians

Labor has called on the Abbott Government to make aged care policy and the welfare of older Australians a greater priority in 2015.   This comes in the wake of the Productivity Commission’s Report on Government Services (RoGS), which shows the availability of aged care places is not keeping up with demand.   “Tony Abbott needs ensure the needs of older Australians are not overlooked in 2015,” Shadow Minister for Ageing, Shayne Neumann said. Continue reading