Yesterday Malcolm Turnbull rectified his embarrassing failure to appoint a Minister for Ageing in his Cabinet.

Labor has been urging the Abbott/Turnbull Government to give ageing in Australia the prominence it deserves for a long time and of course, welcomes the appointment of the new Ageing Minister, Sussan Ley.

Senator Polley says there are still concerns that ageing wasn’t initially prioritised or recognised in Malcolm Turnbull’s first Ministry.

“There is a lot of work to do in this portfolio and we don’t want to see the Liberal Government’s shameful record of mishandling and treating ageing issues as an afterthought repeated,” Senator Polley said.

“Along with a new portfolio, the new Minister for Ageing will also inherit a list of unfinished business left behind by the former Assistant Minister for Ageing, Mitch Fifield.”

 “I hope Sussan Ley uses her new appointment as an opportunity to continue rolling out Labor’s Living Longer Living Better aged care reforms without contention and to clean up the mess left behind by Mitch Fifield.” Senator Polley added.