35.3080° S, 149.1250° E
These are the likely coordinates of the Aged Care Roadmap, which Sussan Ley appears to have either lost or forgotten about.

It was reported on 4 December 2015 that the Roadmap had been presented to the Minister for Aged Care for her consideration.
In the 98 days since then, Sussan Ley has not acknowledged receipt of the Roadmap, nor indicated whether she has “considered” it.
The Aged Care Sector Committee developed the Roadmap to provide some guidance and input into progressing aged care reform into the future.
Labor is concerned that Ms Ley may have lost the Roadmap and recommended the use of GPS. She should avoid using online maps while Malcolm Turnbull remains committed to a second-rate broadband system.
In Government Labor worked in a bipartisan and transparent way with the Coalition on its aged care reform work.
Labor will work in a bipartisan way to conduct a search for the missing Roadmap.