Mr Turnbull visited Launceston on Thursday but had nothing to say about how his Liberal Government is undermining TasTafe and recklessly impeding jobs in Tasmania.

"Up to $11 million per year is going to be cut from the Tasmanian TAFE sector, which will stop Tasmanians getting the skills needed for the jobs of the future,” Senator Polley said.


After visiting Live Tiles an IT company which specialises in the employment of TAFE graduates Senator Polley questioned the Turnbull Government’s vision for Tasmania.  


“Malcolm Turnbull’s TAFE cuts threaten our ability to address the skills shortage and prepare people for the jobs of the future. The cuts are also a direct attack on the IT sector and businesses which often seek out TAFE graduates when looking to employ people in their organisations,” Senator Polley said.


Political parties of all persuasions need to understand that in order for success to follow hard work we need broader education funding to make sure we help people to develop the skills to keep Tasmania competitive.


“We heard from Live Tiles this week who said companies are looking to invest in our young people and creative minds that can solve the problems our community is facing like. Live Tiles is looking for not only IT students but drama students or psychology students who can think dynamically. And yet this Turnbull Government is unwilling to back them to learn and get a job,” Senator Polley said.  


“Government needs to manage the digital transformation by ensuring the community is informed about how the nature of work is changing and back educational institutions to train our young people. The majority of sectors in Australia can expect to be impacted by technological change,” Senator Poley said.


“As a country and as a state we will not be prepared for the future by cutting $11 million in TAFE funding per year. It is a bad deal for Tasmania and more people should be speaking up against this Prime Minister who does not care about Tasmania.”


“I am calling on Senator Abetz, Senator Duniam, Senator Parry and Senator Bushby to call Turnbull out on this bad deal for Tasmania. If they really represented the interests of Tasmanians and the interests of educational institutions and business they would back TAFE and tell Turnbull that the deal isn’t good for Tasmania,” Senator Poley added.   


A Labor Government will work with the states to revitalise TAFEs as high-quality job centres for our cities, regions and suburbs. Labor doesn’t believe in training for training’s sake – it has to lead to a job.