Sussan Ley has “ruled-out” addressing pay and conditions for aged care workers, in The Australian today.

Ms Ley has effectively dismissed the workforce issues as a “skills and training” issue, while providers, peak bodies, unions and consumer groups all agree that workforce development as one of the biggest challenges facing the sector now and into the future.
Her flippant comments fail to acknowledge one of the key areas of concern, namely poor rates of pay for workers.
Labor has called for Sussan Ley to make the development of an Aged Care Workforce Strategy a priority.
The Liberal Government was swift to demolish Labor’s Aged care Workforce Supplement in September 2013, but has failed to deliver a strategy to address the issues.
The audit of workforce spending measures has been completed and delivered to the previous Minister, but to date it has not been acted on nor given to the Aged Care Sector Committee.
While the Minister for Aged Care has changed, nothing else has. This Liberal Government continues to make ideological decisions when it comes to Australian workers.