Labor welcomes blueprint for ageing

Ten months after being fired by Tony Abbott, the Panel for Positive Ageing has handed down the Blueprint for an Ageing Australia.
Labor welcomes the Blueprint, which addresses the challenges, economic opportunities and key issues facing the ageing of our population.
The Blueprint should be a wakeup call for Tony Abbott, whose unfair Budget will make it harder for older Australians.
Labor knows that senior Australians are not a burden. Cutting seniors concessions, attacking our superannuation system, cutting pensions, increasing the cost of healthcare and medicines and ripping money out of aged care are not the way to plan for the future.  These measures demonstrate how out of touch this Abbott Government is.
Labor understands the importance of political leadership in this area, which is why the Shadow Cabinet includes an Ageing spokesperson.
In contrast, Tony Abbott does not have a dedicated Minister for Ageing, with an Assistant Minister looking after aged care, which addresses just one element of ageing and ignoring the challenge of mature age employment and seniors re-skilling and education.
Labor has a strong record of investment in mature age employment, public transport and technology.
In contrast, Tony Abbott has shown contempt for public transport and technology after slashing billions of dollars’ worth of investment in urban rail across the nation and dismantling the NBN.
The Panel for Positive Ageing was established by the previous Labor Government to lead a national dialogue on ageing issues and ensure the needs of older Australians were considered in the formation of government policy
Tony Abbott’s axing of the panel in November 2013 was another example of the twisted priorities of his Government.
Labor expresses its appreciation to the panel’s Chair, Everald Compton AM, and his panel members Professor Brian Howe AO, Professor Gill Lewin and Neville Roach, and acknowledges the work undertaken by former panel member and Age Discrimination Commissioner the Hon Susan Ryan AO.
We will continue to work with the panel members, seniors peak organisations, experts and senior Australians so together we can work towards an Australia that values senior Australians and gives them the support, certainty and opportunities they deserve.