We are working together to build the fair workplaces of the future - with everyone around the one table and delivering support, including Paid Parental Leave.

When Labor came to government in 2007 it was on the back of a pledge to return fairness to the workplace by ripping up WorkChoices.

Labor has delivered strong protections for conditions like overtime and penalty rates that can’t be stripped away.

There is a strong and independent umpire in the Fair Work Commission, we have implemented a balanced unfair dismissal system and flexibilities to help balance work and family life. 

Major advances in equal pay have been made because of changes we made to workplace laws, with around 150,000 social and community workers being awarded pay increases of between 23 and 45 per cent.

Australian workers are not just better off under Labor, but also safer at work. Workplace health and safety laws are being improved, truck drivers no longer have to take unacceptable risks on the road thanks to our safe rates reforms and Labor is introducing a right for victims of workplace bullying to have that bullying stopped and prevented from happening again. 

The strongest protections for workers' entitlements ever seen in Australia have been implemented by Labor, to protect entitlements when an employer becomes bankrupt or insolvent.

Labor introduced compulsory superannuation under Paul Keating, and now Australians will have more money for their retirement with superannuation going from 9 per cent to 12 per cent. 1 July 2013 marks the first increase, when super contributions will increase to 9.25 per cent. Moving to 12 per cent super means a 30 year old on the average wage will retire with $118,000 more in their retirement savings.

Low and middle-income workers are paying less tax under Labor. Someone earning $50,000 is now paying 18 per cent less tax than in 2007. Everyone earning up to $80,000 is paying less tax and anyone earning $18,200 or less, such as part-time workers, now pays no tax at all.

Labor is also providing flexibility to help workers balance their work and family lives. Through improved parental leave arrangements with more flexibility, the right to request flexible work or allowing agreement on individual flexibility arrangements, Labor is providing workers with flexibility and strong protections.

New mums can get up to 18 weeks' pay at the national minimum wage while getting to know their baby under Labor's Paid Parental Leave Scheme. Under Labor’s Dad and Partner Pay, eligible dads and same-sex partners can receive an additional two weeks' of government paid leave at the minimum wage to spend time more time at home with their partner and baby.