Labor’s positive plan for housing affordability

While Mr Turnbull has been saying one thing, and doing another, Labor has been working away quietly in the background on positive plans for Australia. Continue reading

Pensioners and Seniors Information Kit 2015

In this kit you will find a range of useful information relating to the latest pension payment rates as at September 20, 2015, as well as information relating to services and general safety tips. Continue reading

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

  February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and it may shock you to learn that one in 77 women will develop ovarian cancer in their lifetime. In fact of the 1,200 Australian women who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year, around 800 will die from the disease. Continue reading

Understanding the Climate Change Debate: Why The Coalition Mindset Is Outdated and Bad for Australia

Understanding the Climate Change Debate: Why The Coalition Mindset Is Outdated and Bad for Australia   Climate change is firmly on the national agenda. Or at the very least, policies to limit Australia’s carbon emissions and the cost of doing so are being debated widely in the media. Overall I think this is a great thing. Too often the news agenda in Australia is preoccupied with personalities, confected outrage over the comments made by a politician at a press conference, the latest poll results or whatever an over-caffeinated radio shock jock in Sydney has said that morning. Continue reading

Renewable Energy,A Future Gold Mine for Tasmania

During the recent federal election campaign it was clear that the chief concern for many Tasmanians was jobs and growth. The challenge lies in identifying precisely where Tasmania can exploit competitive advantages and in the process find new, innovative ways of boosting the economy. One such area where Tasmania can get ahead and achieve positive change is the renewable energy sector, an important component of the modern economy that is no doubt bracing for the worst now that the Abbott Government is in power. Unfortunately Mr Abbott and the Coalition don’t understand that encouraging developments in renewable energy has the capacity to transform the Australian economy and lower total carbon emissions. Continue reading

Aged Care Reforms

One issue that I am passionate about is the quality of aged care in Australia. I think that every older Australian deserves the opportunity to live their lives as fully as possible and to have the choices available to them so that they can personalise the care they receive. So I was particularly pleased that this week the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, Senator Jacinta Collins announced that historic reforms to aged care have finally taken effect (from August 1). Continue reading

Alzheimer's Australia end of life survey

Alzheimer’s Australia is conducting research on end of life care for people with dementia. The project aims to identify barriers and enablers to quality end of life care from the perspective of carers. Alzheimer’s Australia wants to hear about your views and experience with end of life care for people with dementia. Continue reading

Medicare levy increase

An Open Letter to News Limited Columnist Andrew Bolt Dear Mr Bolt, There have been numerous occasions in which you have used your abrasive and far reaching column in News Limited publications to grossly misrepresent the truth and cynically exploit matters of public importance for your own purposes, but this time I think you have reached a new low. Your opinion piece on Thursday 2 May entitled ‘Why Should We Bail Her Out?’ was, quite simply, one of the most irresponsible and insincere examples of journalism I have ever witnessed. Continue reading

National Plan for School Improvement

As you will have noticed, this week’s media focus has been on education funding and the state of Australia’s schools.  I think that is a great thing.  Too often education policy does not receive the attention it deserves because the nation’s news outlets seem fixated on personal political scandals or the Opposition leader’s latest histrionics about how the price on carbon will send us back to pre-industrial times and ruin our weekends. The spotlight, of course, has been on the Gillard Government’s National Plan for School Improvement.  The plan will establish a new school funding model, which is based on the needs of individual students and directly linked to things we know will improve school results.  In order to make this happen, the Prime Minister has committed that for every extra dollar that the Tasmanian Government is prepared to invest, the Federal Government will pay two. Continue reading

Superannuation Changes- What Labor’s Proposed Changes to Superannuation Are Really About

All the Talk about Superannuation Lately, you may have noticed that a lot of media attention has been directed at the Gillard Government’s proposed changes to Australia’s superannuation scheme.  Unfortunately, certain sections of the nation’s media have resorted to alarmist coverage that has left some people concerned the safety of their super. Continue reading