A report released today by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) has revealed the Turnbull Liberal Government’s plans to slash further billions of dollars in health cuts.

Tasmanian hospitals are already failing to meet emergency room waiting times and this report confirms even worse is in store.

Senator Helen Polley said that the impact of the Turnbull Government’s continued cuts to health is reflected in the declining performance of our public hospitals.

“The Government has cut billions of dollars from our hospitals which puts incredible pressure on them and they’re just not coping. Overcrowding and longer waiting times in emergency departments is not an inconvenience, it’s dangerous.”

“Take for example the incident at the Royal Hobart Hospital last week that saw a 95 year old woman left to lie on the floor for hours while she waited to be attended to. This is unacceptable,” Senator Polley said.

“Tasmanians have a public health system that is under pressure and the situation is getting worse. It’s no wonder states are struggling to meet emergency department waiting times given the savage cuts imposed by Malcolm Turnbull,” Senator Polley added.

“The PBO report reaffirms that Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberals are just as disastrous for health as they were under Tony Abbott.”