Government figures confirm Launceston family day care services will be hardest hit

New figures, released by the federal Education Department, show all three Launceston family day care services are set to have their funding cut from next year.  

Family Day Care Services support hundreds of individual family day care educators across Northern Tasmania and in rural and remote areas, so that they can dedicate all their time and energy to the education and care of local children.

Shadow Minister for Early Childhood, Kate Ellis, who met with early childhood educators in Launceston yesterday, said that families in Northern Tasmania face tough decisions next year, when three out of the five current family day care services are expected to have their funding cut.

“We have already seen many family day care services around Australia announcing their imminent closure as a result of the Abbott Government’s Budget cuts,” Shadow Minister for Early Childhood, Kate Ellis, said.

“These cuts to family day care are hitting families who are already feeling the impact of the $1 billion in cuts to child care announced by the Abbott Government since the election.

“This is a huge cut which means families will either have to pay more in fees or see their children out of care when their services close.”

Department of Education figures show more than 80 per cent of all family day care services around Australia will have their funding cut as a result of Federal Budget changes which saw $157.1 million cut from family day care.

Senator Polley said that Tasmanian families relied on family day care educators to provide flexible care to suit their varying work hours.

“Family day care is part of the National Quality Framework so parents know that their kids are getting the best of education and care,” Senator Polley said. 

“With growing child care waiting lists, unemployment and job uncertainty, the last thing Tasmanian families need is to see these services close their doors.”

For those family day carers who don’t close their doors, Family Day Care Australia estimates that fees will rise by around $35 a week as a result of this funding cut.