Labor welcomes the discovery of the Aged Care Roadmap, slipped under the office doors of Labor’s spokespeople last night.

This follows the Notice of Motion from Senator Helen Polley yesterday, calling on the Government to table the Aged Care Roadmap by no later than 3:30pm on Wednesday 20 April 2016.
As the Roadmap has not been released publicly and is not on the Aged Care Sector Committee’s website, Senator Polley’s motion to order the production of the Roadmap will go ahead in the Senate today.
Meantime, Labor has called on the Minister for Aged Care to provide a detailed response to the report.
The Aged Care Roadmap provides general directions for the future of aged care reform. It is imperative Sussan Ley outline how the Turnbull Government plans to meet the key issues identified by the Aged Care Sector Committee’s report, including how they will be funded in the May Budget.
Some of the key issues the Roadmap raises include empowering older Australians and their families to be proactive in preparing for their aged care needs.
Yet the Abbott / Turnbull Government has failed to address the problems and confusion created by the aged care gateway, My Aged Care.
Sussan Ley needs to outline how older Australians who are not computer-savvy nor have access to technology will find information, access services or simply ask questions.
The Roadmap has failed to address the critical issues around jobs and workforce in the aged care services sector. It outlines greater support of carers and volunteers, and provides no detail on meeting the shortage of suitably qualified and appropriate aged care workers.
Sussan Ley has walked away from developing an aged care workforce strategy, promised by her predecessor, arguing that this is an industry issue.

Labor challenges the Minister for Aged Care, reminding her that the Federal Government controls supply, funding, pricing, accreditation and regulation of the sector and needs to provide leadership by working collaboratively with aged care providers, unions, consumers and experts to address workforce issues.