The Hodgman and Turnbull Governments have overseen the worst results in emergency waiting times because of severe cuts to Tasmania’s health system.

The Hodgman Government keeps claiming that they’re making improvements but the state has gone backwards in most emergency indicators since they came to office in 2014.

Hodgman and Turnbull only pay lip service to caring about health -  the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s report into emergency departments shows that Tasmania is still lagging behind the rest of the nation.

The Hodgman State Government is responsible for cutting $210 million from Tasmanian hospitals while Turnbull has already cut $2 billion from public hospitals over the next three years.

These results are off the back of Health Minister Michael Ferguson stated he would not release a report into the Tasmanian Health Service, then extraordinarily later denying the existence of a wide-ranging report.

The Report states that one in every ten patients are waiting more than nine hours to be admitted or sent home.

Nationally 73 per cent of people who presented to the nation's emergency departments were seen "on time" last financial year. In Tasmania the number of patients seen "on time" fell to 65 per cent.

Further to this, the report identified that 34,367 Tasmanians over the age of 65 presented to Emergency Departments last financial year.

“I fear for older Tasmanians or Tasmanians without family support who are trying to navigate a health system that is in crisis,” Senator Polley said.  

Tasmanian’s have lost faith in the health system. Too many patients seeking emergency surgery are being forced to question whether they should leave the state to access health treatment. Last week my office was contacted by a lady who had blood in her stool. She was told by the Launceston General Hospital that she needed to see a specialist and has now been waiting 6 weeks to see a specialist.  

“The Government is clearly running scared as a state election looms. Tasmanians already know that there is a health crisis in Tasmania. These emergency surgery waiting times confirm the poor state of our health system and how desperate Tasmanians have become in trying to access health care,” Senator Polley said.