Labor has always stood for fair, accessible and quality education. Education is the best creator of opportunity in our society, which is why all Australian’s should have the opportunity to have a world class education. This is why Labor is committed to building the schools of the future through our $15 billion Better Schools Plan so that Australian children receive more individual attention so they reach their full potential. In contrast Tony Abbott has cut the SchoolKids Bonus and has not guaranteed funding for the Better Schools Plan beyond four years.

Labor also believes in a high education system which celebrates success and does not close the door to anyone who wishes to attain a tertiary education. Any Australian who has the ability and commitment should be able to have the opportunity to get a degree. Tony Abbott’s unprecedented attack on higher education and his plan for $100,000 will never be supported by Labor.

Further to this, Labor is committed to investing a record $14.3 billion over the next four years in skills and training like TAFE in the face of savage cuts by Liberal state governments.

Labor will never give up on a fair and accessible education system.