Aged Care Minister Sussan Ley has waited until after Senate Estimates hearings to announce the launch of the Severe Behaviour Response Teams, colloquially known in the sector as “flying squads.”

Ms Ley made the announcement this morning, ensuring there was no scrutiny of the new program during Senate Estimates hearings, even though the Aged Care portfolio had been pushed back until very late last night.

The Abbott/Turnbull Government had abandoned some of the most vulnerable older Australians for the past 16 months as it fumbled with finding a replacement for the Dementia and Severe Behaviour Supplement (DSBS) that had been axed in June 2014.

The DSBS provided an additional $17 a day to residential aged care providers to assist in meeting the additional cost of care for residents with more severe forms of dementia.

The DSBS was unceremoniously axed as a knee-jerk reaction to the over-subscription which occurred under the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s watch.

Labor welcomes the announcement of HammondCare as the national provider of the new program.

HammondCare is widely renowned for its expertise in dementia care, especially for those with severe behaviours and is one of the providers of the federally funded Dementia Management Advisory Service (DBMAS).

The “flying squads” are now expected to take off some time in November. Hopefully that means November 2015.