Dementia "envelope" disappears in mini-budget

Joe Hockey’s mini-Budget has removed any hope of a replacement for the axed Dementia and Severe Behaviours Supplement (DSBS).


Assistant Minister for Social Services Mitch Fifield promised to develop an alternative to the DSBS, funding it within the “current funding envelope” on numerous occasions since axing the $16 a day supplement in July 2014.

Advice has been provided to me, and we are currently consulting with the Aged Care Sector Committee to look for what might be a good and practical thing that government can do within theoriginal funding envelope. I think that is the right approach.




The Government’s mini-Budget shows all trace of the DSBS funding has been removed.


Mitch Fifield needs to come clean and explain what happened to the “funding envelope”.


On 11 September 2014, Senator Fifield held a dementia forum and employed the services of KPMG to produce a report on the outcomes of the forum by the end of October. To date the report has not been released publicly.


Given the complete removal of any funding for Dementia and Severe Behaviours over the forward estimates in today’s mini-Budget, the Abbott Government needs to release the KPMG report.


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