Dementia care not a priority under Abbott

The Abbott Government remains unrepentant for axing the Dementia and Severe Behaviours Supplement (DSBS).
Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator Mitch Fifield today defended his decision to suddenly axe the DSBS, without warning or an alternative for aged care providers.
“This Government is taking a responsible and prudent approach.”
Senator Mitch Fifield, 28 August 2014
                               Responding to a question on the axing of the DSBS
Shadow Minister for Ageing Shayne Neumann said it was time for Tony Abbott and his Ministers to stop making excuses for their attacks on vulnerable people and show some leadership.
“Tony Abbott is content to rip money from vulnerable people but not prepared to take responsibility for it,” Mr Neumann said.
“Labor’s campaign to support funding for Dementia care has put Senator Fifield and the Abbott Government under pressure from people all across Australia.
“The Abbott Government allowed the DSBS to blow out by ignoring it for nine months. There is no mention of it in MYEFO and it was not addressed in the Budget.
“The Abbott Government’s mismanagement of this issue is hurting people with Dementia and the aged care workers and homes caring for them.
“Not only has Tony Abbott abandoned Dementia sufferers and the aged care sector, has cut pensions, ripped money from veterans, and expects low and middle income earners pay the GP tax, more for medicines higher fuel prices.
“At the same time Tony Abbott is content to give $50,000 cheques to millionaires as part of their $22 billion Paid Parental Leave Scheme.”
The DSBS was suddenly axed as of 31 July 2014, without warning, consultation and with no solutions.
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Aged Care, Senator Helen Polley said Labor did not support axing the DSBS without a viable alternative.
“Senator Fifield has either ignored or neglected his Ageing and Aged Care unit within the Department and is now trying to shift the blame for his mismanagement onto Labor,” Senator Polley said.
“Senator Fifield left us with no alternative than to launch this petition when he promised to consult with the sector, only to axe the supplement the next day.
“The Abbott Government has screwed up priorities and Australians have responded by saying it is not fair nor responsible.
“Shayne and I are ready and available to work with Senator Fifield to find a suitable solution that has bipartisan support.  We call on the Abbott Government to work with us.”
Labor’s petition against Dementia care cuts is available at: