Cuts to Dementia payments Tony Abbott's nastiest surprise

One year ago today, Tony Abbott promised he would lead a Government of no surprises and no excuses:
“There will be no surprises and no excuses from a Coalition government.” [TONY ABBOTT - ABC INSIDERS - 1 SEPTEMBER 2013]
Since it was elected, all Australians have had from the Abbott Aovernment has been nasty surprises and pathetic excuses – a new GP Tax, increase in the petrol tax, cuts to pensions, cuts to schools and hospitals – measures Tony Abbott never told the Australian people about.
It’s nastiest surprise was the heartless decision from the Abbott Government to cut payments to aged care providers for elderly people with severe symptoms of dementia by $16 a day.
Today marks the beginning of Dementia Awareness Month and this morning Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, Shadow Minister for Ageing, Shayne Neumann, and Shadow Parliamentary for Aged Care, Senator Helen Polley, visited the Kangara Waters Aged Care facility in Canberra to speak to those affected by this savage cut.
There are more than 330,000 Australians living with Dementia, by 2050 there will be almost one million. In spite of these alarming statistics, Tony Abbott has cut the DSBS without warning, consultation or solutions.
As our population ages we will need to do more - not less - to address dementia and support those affected by it.
This Government is burying its head in the sand and simply trying to walk away from a condition that already affects so many Australians.
This is yet another example Tony Abbott’s cruel and unfair budget that is hurting the most vulnerable Australians.
The previous Labor Government did the heavy lifting to make aged care sustainable and fairer, with wide community and sector support.
In contrast, the Abbott Government has dumped the DSBS; slashed the $652.7 million Aged Care Payroll Tax Supplement; made cuts to pensions which will affect aged care sector revenue streams; demolished the $1.1 billion Aged Care Workforce Supplement; and abolished the Health Workforce Australia.
Not only has Tony Abbott abandoned Dementia sufferers and the aged care sector, he has cut pensions, ripped money from veterans, and expects low and middle income earners to pay the GP Tax and a Petrol Tax,
At the same time Tony Abbott is content to give $50,000 cheques to millionaire as part of his $22 billion ‘signature’ Paid Parental Leave Scheme.
Labor’s petition against Dementia care cuts is available at: