During Senate Estimates this week Government Officials were unable to outline the community consultation undertaken prior to the discontinuation of preventative health services in Kentish, Meander Valley, Tasman and Southern Midland municipalities last December.


Funding for preventive health services including youth workers, mental health workers and women’s health services in these municipalities ended on December 31 2016.


These services were doing exactly what funding was provided for and was meeting all the expectations of the community.


Residents have raised their concerns about the lack of public consultation over the discontinuation of these services at community meetings and the lack of information provided by the Turnbull Federal Government.


Malcolm Turnbull said that he would focus on preventive health, but he’s allowed for these critical services to be discontinued without proper, evidence based community consultation.


“The cessation of these services has caused high levels of angst and it is incredibly disappointing that I am unable to take anything back to my community to alleviate their fears,” Senator Polley said.


“Tasmanians are geographically, economically and socially disadvantaged when it comes to health equality and they deserve to have access to preventative health services,” Mr. Mitchell said.


The Turnbull Government has already ripped $1.4 billion out of preventive health – they need to explain to the Tasmanian community why these services aren’t worthy of funding.


These services play not only an important role in preventative health but they are fundamental to community cohesion. The fact that people in the community are able to connect with a local person and discuss their health or social issue is very important to community health and wellbeing. Sadly they will no longer be able to get assistance locally thanks to Mr Turnbull and his warped priorities.