Senator Helen Polley has called on Andrew Nikolic to stand up for Bass after the Turnbull Government announced it would build patrol boats in Western Australia and South Australia.

Tasmania has a world-class reputation for building maritime vessels, but once again the state has missed out under the Turnbull Government.

Yesterday’s announcement is cold comfort to Tasmanians and further highlights Mr Nikolic’s disconnect with the real issues facing the community.

Mr Nikolic’s self-proclaimed influence over the Government when it comes to defence has been splashed across the front page of the newspaper more than once, but it’s clear he has no influence in Canberra when it comes to jobs in Bass.

The electorate of Bass needs someone with vision and someone who will fight for jobs for our young people.

Mr Nikolic has let down the people of Bass again and they are angry that he hasn’t fought harder to secure these jobs.

Bass deserves better than a Member who won’t fight for jobs in his own electorate.