Senator Helen Polley has again questioned why every state and territory across the country does not have Baby Safe Havens after it was heard in the Victorian Supreme Court that a teen mother has been charged with killing and abandoning her baby.

“One cannot help but feel that if Australia had Baby Safe Havens that this tragic case could have been avoided.” Senator Helen Polley said. 

“The whole point of Baby Safe Havens is to give mothers a chance to not end up in jail for abandonment, neglect or murder,”

“If this mother had the option to safely abandon her baby a life may have been saved.” Senator Polley added.

Baby Safe Havens would allow mothers in the community who are desperate to abandon their baby safely.

“The stigma of secret pregnancies and unwanted babies should not go on any longer. We as a society need to talk about this issue. Mothers should be provided support and the community should support them.”