A leader is defined as:  “A person that holds a dominant or superior position within their field, and is able to exercise a high degree of control or influence over others”.

People are starting to question whether Malcolm Turnbull meets the definition of a leader. It must be asked whether Malcolm Turnbull has a dominant position whereby he can exercise a high degree of control? 

Since his inception as Leader he has had difficulty in securing the support of his colleagues. No amount of “smoke and mirrors” can hide the very deep division within his Party and while being so busily consumed by the cold war with Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull is so distracted that he has to keep shifting to the right to stay away from Abbott’s grasp. 

No wonder his party as well as many Australians are becoming more confused and disappointed with Mr Turnbull’s leadership. 

Malcolm Turnbull as Prime Minister was responsible for the 2016 census debacle, his NBN rollout is behind time and over budget as well as being substandard. Increasing costs to medical services, rising house prices, falling living standards, limited job numbers, negative economic growth and inequity in education funding are significant issues facing our country.

It has been over 12 months ago now since Malcolm Turnbull stood in one of the many courtyards at Parliament House and vowed to take the Prime Ministership on the basis of a lack of economic leadership. However, unfortunately he has not delivered any economic leadership in his time as Prime Minister thus far. 

The tsunami of financial issues has already begun; the threat of Australia losing its AAA credit rating will have a far reaching impact on our economy; a $50 billion corporate tax cut, no structured budget strategy to reform negative gearing and capital gains tax, no strategies at all to address the revenue stream of our nation’s budget demonstrated by our national fiscal deficit for 2015-16 to 2018-19 being deteriorated by a further $14.9 billion.  

Malcolm Turnbull has also failed Australians by protecting banks and financial institutions from scrutiny allowing them to continue their alleged bad behaviour in financial arenas.

Random financial “thought bubbles” of increasing the GST, interfering with our superannuation, and radical back packer tax initiatives are obvious failed economic initiatives in attempt to raise revenue. All these ventures represent policy on the run, with no understanding of economic policy, let alone economic leadership.

All this from a Prime Minister whom was an “Investment Banker” and should have the economic smarts to easily deal with changing economic times.

Australian’s are demanding economic leadership now. We can’t afford the living standards of any Australian to be compromised. The Australian economy is like a fast moving racing car and when the steering fails, disaster is imminent.

Malcolm Turnbull and his “thought bubbles” continue to impact many Australians with 70,000 mothers losing part of their paid parental leave causing uncertainty and anxiety for thousands of pregnant women.

Undoubtedly, Malcolm Turnbull’s political gymnastics are very well exercised, with backflip after backflip whilst at the same time pulling random “thought bubbles” from the sky, tossing them into the political arena and then watching them vaporise into nothing. All this together with constantly looking to the right to avoid the Abbott threat makes for a Prime Minister that can neither lead nor govern.

Malcolm Turnbull has been given the opportunity to lead our nation and has blundered his way so far. Australians certainly deserve better Government than this. When Mr Turnbull is not allowed to speak about what he clearly cares about the Australian people can see he is being held back by his own Party. Australian’s are asking, where is the champion of climate change or the republic? He is even too good to live in Kirribilli House.

Australians want a Prime Minister that is fair dinkum. Who doesn’t have to pretend to be someone they are not. Mr Turnbull will have many tests in the New Year, this is perhaps his biggest test yet.