Andrew Nikolic's first year report card reads: "failed badly"

Andrew Nikolic has not delivered for his electorate during his first year as Liberal Member for Bass.
Prior to taking office Mr Nikolic said that people wanted “federal politicians to focus on the big issues confronting our nation” and that “local jobs” were his priority.
However, it appears that his number one focus during his first year representing Bass has been promoting himself and engaging in juvenile antics.


When opportunities have arisen to stand up to his colleagues in the Liberal Party and look out for his constituents he has failed miserably.
  • He      appears to be comfortable with the University of Tasmania having to raise      student fees, slash courses and abandon research due to Education Minister      Christopher Pyne’s higher education reforms.
  • He      has remained silent whilst Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull pulls      the plug on local businesses and households receiving world-class      broadband, even though Mr Turnbull promised that all existing NBN      contracts delivering Fibre-To-The-Home broadband in Tasmania would be      honoured.
  • He      has remained inactive whilst Australian Tax Office jobs in Launceston have      been terminated by the Abbott Government.
  • He      has sat by whilst Team Abbott cancelled the nearly $1 billion “Tools For      Your Trade” program, leaving many apprentices feeling betrayed.
  • He      stood by in silence as Tony Abbott vowed to      close National Joblink (Youth Connections provider) in Launceston by      cutting $1.7milion in funding. Since 2010 this organisation has helped      over 1,400 young Tasmanians statewide develop the required skills to return to school or      training. It has an 80% success rate and is contributing to better      educational and job opportunities for young people.   
  • He      has failed to clarify where he stands on calls from Coalition Premiers and      Treasurers to alter the GST revenue distribution formula.
  • He      remained mute when it became clear that the Abbott Government was allowing      barely any time for the receipt of submissions to the Bass Strait Freight      Equalisation inquiry.
But it gets worse, on numerous occasions Mr Nikolic has been caught red-handed taking credit for Labor policies and programs.
  • During      a 90 second speech in Parliament he claimed responsibility for delivering      funds to enable the construction of the North East Tasmanian Cascade      Forest and Blue Tier iconic mountain bike trails project even though it      was the former Labor Government which injected $2.5 million towards the      project.
  • He      trumpeted the $3 million redevelopment of the North Bank Precinct in      Launceston, a project that was part of Labor’s Tasmanian Jobs and Growth      Plan.
  • Mr      Nikolic also took credit for 180 new student apartments at the Newnham      University of Tasmania campus. These apartments fell under Labor’s Rental      Affordability Scheme, a scheme that was scrapped in the federal Budget      just days after Mr Nikolic cut the ribbon at the opening.
Senator Polley believes that his performance so far has left much to be desired.
“Mr Nikolic assumed office and promised the world but after one year it is clear that he has been utterly focussed on himself, not the people of Bass.
“Sadly he hasn’t stood up to his own party on policies that are harmful to his electorate.”
Senator Polley said that this pattern of conduct demonstrates that Mr Nikolic is more concerned with his own political ambitions rather than the people he represents in Canberra.
“We know that Mr Nikolic is a strong campaigner but he needs to realise that his priorities must lie with delivering outcomes for his constituents.
“In the next year in office I certainly hope he finds his voice and stands up for the people of Bass, they deserve better.”