Andrew Nikolic must back peddle on bike project claims

Labor Senator Helen Polley has caught Bass Liberal MP Andrew Nikolic red handed taking credit in the House of Representatives Chamber for a federal Labor mountain bike project.
During a 90 second speech today Mr Nikolic claimed responsibility for delivering funds to enable the construction of the North East Tasmania Cascade Forest and Blue Tier iconic mountain bike trails project. He even thanked the Dorset Council for working with him “in recent years to ensure that this exciting project is realised”, despite the fact that he only took office after last year’s federal election.
He neglected to mention that it was actually the former federal Labor government which injected $2.5 million towards the project as part of a targeted, long-term investment in the community that included the construction of 75 kilometres of world-class mountain bike trials across the north east of the state.
“This is typical of Mr Nikolic. Labor exhibited a genuine commitment to boosting investment and opportunities across the seat of Bass and here is the new member taking credit for our hard work,” Senator Polley said.
“He has quite simply not delivered for Bass and has instead resorted to stunts such as this in order to boost his personal popularity.”
“He needs to focus less on his own sense of grandeur and more on delivering real outcomes for the people in his electorate, they deserve better.”
Incredibly this is not the first time Mr Nikolic has taken credit for Labor’s programs in Bass. In December last year he failed to come clean on grants for five projects under the government’s “Community Development Grants program”.
“Mr Nikolic trumpeted the $3 million redevelopment of the North Bank Precinct in Launceston. But this was actually part of Labor’s Tasmanian Jobs and Growth Plan, it had absolutely nothing to do with him,” Senator Polley said.
“It was part of work that Labor undertook to assist the Tasmanian economy and enhance employment opportunities.”
Senator Polley said that this type of conduct demonstrated that Mr Nikolic is more concerned with his own political ambitions rather than the people of Bass.
“We know that Mr Nikolic is a strong campaigner but he needs to realise that his priorities must lie with delivering outcomes for people in his electorate.”
“He has remained silent whilst the government pulls the plug on local businesses and households receiving world-class broadband. He has remained silent whilst the government dithers on providing money for our schools.”
“Yet he is suddenly very talkative when it comes to claiming credit for projects which he is not responsible for.”



Watch the video of Andrew Nikolic speaking on the bike project here